Study Abroad Programs

Community Development - Choluteca, Honduras

Students participating in the Community Development study abroad program in Honduras will be given an opportunity to learn about Honduran issues related to agriculture, education and international development through community outreach and education about agricultural needs and practices. A major project will be to create learning modules and work with local, Spanish speaking instructors, to teach local residents how to create a community garden.

For more information on this study abroad program, click here. The deadline to apply for this program in 2016 has passed. 

Agricultural and Environmental Communication - England, Scotland

This course will engage students in concentrated study of selected prominent English food and agricultural issues and the ways through which mass media communicate with and educate the public about these issues. Of particular interest in the course are the ways in which British media both differ from and resemble U.S. media in their coverage of a wide range of social and technical issues associated with food and agriculture, such as land use issues, foot and mouth disease, organic food production, local food systems and dairy cattle diseases.

For more information on this study abroad program, click here. This program will travel again in May 2017.