National FFA Week Social Media Contest

It's National FFA Week and we're encouraging all ACEL students who are alumni of the National FFA Organization to share how you turned blue and gold to scarlet and gray!

For each ACEL promotion you do on social media, you will have one entry into a drawing for ACEL swag. Each individual tweet, instagram post, Facebook post, profile picture change, cover photo change, etc. will be counted as one entry, so your entries are unlimited. This includes sharing our department blog posts (, facbook posts (/acelatosu), retweets (@ACELatOSU), etc. All posts must have use the hashtag #ACELatOSU in order to be counted. See Emily Wickham with questions.

Individual Pictures
Those of you that participated in the “Blue and Gold to Scarlet and Gray” photo and video project last spring, or had a photo taken for “Tagged to Teach Ag” Day in September, can find updated pictures for National FFA Week in the box linked below. You can use your photo as a Facebook profile picture or share on any social media. When you update your photo on Facebook or share on Instagram, please write a short paragraph about why you chose to turn blue and gold into scarlet and gray. If you should have a photo in the box or you want me to make you a photo, email me. If you don’t have a picture, there is a photo that you can use as your profile picture or on instagram and twitter. It’s labeled “NFFAW (no photo)”. Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #CFAES #ACELatOSU

Facebook Cover Photos
In the Buckeye Box, you will also find a .jpg photo that can be uploaded for you to use as your Facebook cover photo. It’s labeled “BG2SG FB Cover”. When uploading, please include the following paragraph to describe the photo and personalize as you wish:

I turned Blue and Gold into Scarlet and Gray by attending Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and majoring in ………. If you are interested in doing the same, I encourage you to schedule a visit to Ohio State where you can "Experience Ohio State for a Day" and learn more about my major, or one of the 21 other majors within CFAES. Visit to schedule! #CFAES #ACELatOSU #FFA

Buckeye Box:

If you have twitter, please consider sharing some of the tweets below on Thursday, as well your own thoughts and how you’re celebrating National FFA Week. As always, use the hashtags #CFAES #TeachAg @ACELatOSU. 


  • If you are interested in turning Blue and Gold into Scarlet and Gray, visit us! #ACELatOSU #FFA
  • Ohio State will help me reach my career goal of …………. #ACELatOSU #FFA
  • It’s National FFA Week. Turn your blue and gold into scarlet and gray after high school. #ACELatOSU #FFA
  • Are you a current #FFA member interested in becoming a Buckeye? Visit us! #ACELatOSU