Our Research is on the Move!

ACEL faculty and graduate students are involved in a variety of research projects that not only impact the fields of education, communication, and leadership, but can also add value to the range of individual, community, and industry issues in food, agriculture, and the environment.  Take a look at our focused areas of research and read about our current research teams and individual faculty research efforts.

Our department's research agenda is focused and organized around three areas - leadership, teaching and learning, and youth development - with a collaborative faculty and graduate student research team known as a SPRIG (Self-Populated Research Interest Group) working together to forward the research agenda.

We look forward to working with students to identify and build a research agenda during their graduate or undergraduate experience.

We stand ready to work with other researchers and research teams to provide strategies in:

  • assessment and evaluation
  • communication and dissemination of information
  • training and education programs, and
  • leadership development
  • outreach education