Frequently Asked Questions

Is online learning right for me?
Those students that are self-motivated, organized and can manage their time wisely excel in the online environment.  These types of students are also are proactive and start assignments early and seek help when they need it from instructors. The following issues may help you determine if online learning is right for you:
  • You will not be spending 45 semester hours in a conventional classroom, but you must be willing to commit a substantial amount of time to your courses. It is realistic to expect to spend 8 – 12 hours or more per week reading, studying, participating in discussions, taking exams and preparing your assignments per course.
  • You need to have the internal motivation to complete course work in a timely fashion. You have to fit course work into your busy life and activities. It is up to you, you will not have someone physically present prompting you to complete your course work.

How much will the program cost?
The fee schedule for our online Master in Agricultural and Extension Education program is located on the website for the Office of the Registrar linked here.   Tuition is based on credit hours.   If you are interested in federal financial aide, you must be enrolled in at least 6 hours/semester. All students must fill out the FAFSA form to be eligible for financial aid, scholarships or grants. The FAFSA form can be found at

How long will it take me to finish my program?
The program is designed for full time students to finish in two years.   .

How flexible is my course schedule?
The program is designed for students to take specific classes each semester as a cohort. In order to move through the program in two years, students need to follow the prescribed course of study designed for the program and electives selected with an advisor. Knowing that working professionals may face work and life issues that require flexibility and changes to their program schedule, we will work with students. Making changes may affect length of time to complete the program.

What is the time commitment?
Students enrolled in the online Master of Science program will spend approximately 12 hours per week on readings and assignments for their courses. Students should also plan to spend additional time on papers, projects and exams.

Will I need to attend any classes on campus?
The courses will be conducted fully online.

How many students are typically in an online course?
Our goal is to keep each class between 20-25 students. Smaller classes encourage more interaction between classmates and faculty.

Who will be teaching my classes?
Each of the online classes will be instructed by Ohio State faculty and instructors with years of experience in their profession.

Are the courses the same in content as those taught on campus?
Yes. Our online program includes the same high quality curriculum as our on-ground program. Courses taught in the master’s program for Agricultural and Extension Education meet with same learning goals, whether taught online or on-ground.

Are the online courses the same length of time as the on campus courses? (14 weeks)
Yes, the online courses will run on the same calender as all academic courses at Ohio State. More information on the OSU academic calendar is available here. []

Are online courses self-paced?
While classes don’t have set meeting times, you will still follow a syllabus with due dates for assignments. The degree to which you can move through the entire course at your own pace will depend on the course. Some courses will require you to actively participate in discussions multiple times per week and view webinars. Courses must be completed within the scheduled block of time.

How do I purchase textbooks and other materials for the courses?
You may choose to buy new or used books from The Ohio State University bookstore (link to B&N) or from your preferred bookstore or online bookstore.
Some of the textbooks and/or other course materials you used for a course will only be used for that course; other materials may be useful beyond one course.

What kind of computer/internet access do I need?
All students should have access to a reliable computer with word processing software and a current internet browser. It is also important to have access to have a good reliable internet connection.
Additional computer resources can be found through the University’s IT Resources. (Link)

What happens when it is time for graduation?
When you complete the online Master of Science program, you earn a degree from the Ohio State University, which is a time to celebrate. All students who complete the program are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony on campus to receive your diploma in person.
If you cannot attend graduation in person, we will send you your diploma through the mail.

How can I stay connected to Ohio State after I graduate?
Once you’ve become a graduate of The Ohio State University, you become a member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

I want to enroll; what is my next step?
Visit the "How to Apply" page for details on applying to our Online Master of Science program.