Our People

Name Title Office Contact Information
Adderley, Eboni Graduate Research Associate 312 Agricultural Administration Building adderley.6@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Agner, Warren Graduate Student agner.6@osu.edu
Agunga, Robert Associate Professor 200R Agricultural Administration agunga.1@osu.edu
Bangerter, Heather Graduate Student bangerter.4@osu.edu
Beebe, Trina Administrative Office Manager 200N Agricultural Administration beebe.25@osu.edu
Bell, Melissa Graduate Student bell.1440@osu.edu
Bergefurd, Brad Extension Educator and Horticulture Specialist OSU Piketon Research & Extension Center bergefurd.1@osu.edu
7402893727 extension 136
Birkenholz, Robert Professor Emeritus 200 Agricultural Administration Building (mailbox) birkenholz.1@osu.edu
Bower, Justin Graduate Student OSU Extension Logan County bower.183@osu.edu
Bowling, Amanda Assistant Professor and ACEL Honors Coordinator 200F Agricultural Administration bowling.175@osu.edu
Brown, Treg Graduate Student brown.4570@osu.edu
Buck, Emily Professor, Director of Graduate Studies and Co-Director of OSU Leadership Center 200Y Agricultural Administration Building buck.210@osu.edu
Budke, Wesley Associate Professor Emeritus budke.1@osu.edu
Burns, Kacey Graduate Student OSU Extension Clinton County burns.974@osu.edu
Cabral, Kelly Graduate Student Campbell Hall henderson.432@osu.edu
Cano, Jamie Associate Professor Emeritus 200 Agricultural Administration (Mailbox) cano.1@osu.edu
Cassell, Nick Graduate Teaching Associate 311 Agricultural Administration Building cassell.31@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Clary, Christy Ph.D. Student OSU Extension Brown County clary.42@osu.edu
Cochran, Graham CFAES Associate Dean, Operations and ACEL Professor 140 Agricultural Administration cochran.99@osu.edu
Collins-Warfield, Amy Ph.D. Student 105G Student Academic Services Building collins-warfield.1@osu.edu
Conklin, Nikki Associate Professor Emeritus conklin.1@osu.edu
Converse, Autumn Graduate Student OSU Extension Ottawa County converse.42@osu.edu
Cooper-Risser, Tanner Graduate Student OSU Extension Knox County cooper-risser.1@osu.edu
Cramer, Alissa Graduate Student cramer.355@osu.edu
Cunningham, Clarence Professor Emeritus cunningham.7@osu.edu
Dyment, Madison Graduate Teaching Associate 103 Agricultural Administration Building dyment.5@osu.edu
Eggleton, Jennifer Graduate Student OSU Extension Greene County eggleton.27@osu.edu
Elhadi, Amy Graduate Student elhadi.2@osu.edu
Epley, Sydney Graduate Student epley.35@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Evans, Kaitlyn Graduate Student 103 Agricultural Administration Building evans.2129@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Feldhues, Katherine Ph.D. Student OSU Extension Ross County feldhues.2@osu.edu
Filson, Caryn Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Program Coordinator for Agriscience Education 200H Agricultural Administration filson.5@osu.edu
Flores, Lydia Graduate Student OSU Extension Morgan County flores.191@osu.edu
Flynn, Beth Program Specialist 200S Agricultural Administration flynn.61@osu.edu
Fowler, Aaron Graduate Student OSU Extension Greene County fowler.440@osu.edu
Funk, Kacie Graduate Student OSU Extension Fairfield County funk.81@osu.edu
Garrison, Dan Associate Professor Emeritus garrison.1@osu.edu
Gerten, Anna Graduate Student OSU Extension Putnam County gerten.12@osu.edu
Giffin, Beth Graduate Student giffin.4@osu.edu
Gliem, Joseph Associate Professor Emeritus gliem.2@osu.edu
Gregg, Colby Graduate Teaching Associate 309 Agricultural Administration Building gregg.186@osu.edu
(580) 678-9577
Haaser, Jenna Graduate Student Campbell Hall haaser.8@osu.edu
Hamilton, Eric Human Resources Generalist 100U Agricultural Administration hamilton.536@osu.edu
Hamilton, James acel@osu.edu
Hampton, Robert Ph.D. Student hampton.11@osu.edu
Hansen, David Faculty Professor Emeritus acel@osu.edu
Haynes, DaVonti' Graduate Research Associate 312 Agricultural Administration Building haynes.242@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Heimberger, Paul CFAES Academic Counselor, Ph.D. Student 100 H Agricultural Admin Building heimberger.5@osu.edu
Hirzel, Elizabeth Graduate Student OSU Extension Ottawa County hirzel.25@osu.edu
Hornsby, Timothy Graduate Student Enarson Classroom Building hornsby.9@osu.edu
Howard, Jace Graduate Student howard.1407@osu.edu
Jepsen, Dee Professor 262A Agricultural Engineering jepsen.4@osu.edu
Johnston, Kenzie Graduate Student OSU Extension Delaware County johnston.589@osu.edu
Jolliff, Stephanie Ph.D. Student 209 Agricultural Administration (campus mailbox) gompf.2@osu.edu
Kahrs, Emily Graduate Student OSU Extension Butler County kahrs.7@osu.edu
King, Jeff Associate Professor, Co-Director of the OSU Leadership Center 200W Agricultural Administration king.20@osu.edu
Kinion, Kane Graduate Teaching Associate 103 Agricultural Administration Building kinion.4@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Kitchel, Tracy CFAES Senior Associate Dean and Director of Faculty and Staff Affairs, ACEL Professor 140 Agricultural Administration kitchel.2@osu.edu
Kivel, Mary Graduate and eLearning Program Coordinator 200C Agricultural Administration Building kivel.1@osu.edu
Kraus, Erika Graduate Student OSU Extension Columbiana County kraus.192@osu.edu
Kress, Cathann Vice President for Agricultural Administration/CFAES Dean and ACEL Professor 140 Agricultural Adminsitration
Kuhn, Kathaleen Graduate Student kuhn.733@osu.edu
LeVan, Hank Graduate Student levan.27@osu.edu
Light, Mark Ph.D. Student OSU Extension Hardin County light.42@osu.edu
Long, Margo Ph.D. Student OSU Extension Marion County long.1632@osu.edu
McConnell, Jamie mcconnell.210@osu.edu
McCracken, J. David Professor Emeritus mccracken.3@osu.edu
McLain, Summer Graduate Teaching Associate 103A Agricultural Administration Building mclain.70@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Medina Sánchez, Javier Graduate Research Associate 312 Agricultural Administration Building medinasanchez.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Michael, Molly Graduate Student michael.268@osu.edu
Miller, Larry Professor Emeritus miller.103@osu.edu
Miller, Odell Professor Emeritus acel@osu.edu
Mitchell, John Professor Emeritus acel@osu.edu
Mohamed, Jibril Ph.D. Student Center for Language Literature and Culture mohamed.196@osu.edu
Newcomb, L. H. Professor Emeritus newcomb.1@osu.edu
Nicol, Frances Graduate Student OSU Extension Madison County nicol.115@osu.edu
Niewoehner-Green, Jera Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Community Leadership major and Leadership Studies minor 200G Agricultural Administration niewoehner.1@osu.edu
Norton, Robert Professor Emeritus norton.1@osu.edu
Podach, Diana podach.3@osu.edu
Port, Kaylee Ph.D. Student 314 4-H Center port.17@osu.edu
Pulley, Justin Graduate Teaching Associate 314 Agricultural Administration Building pulley.25@osu.edu
Quijada Landaverde, Rafael Graduate Research Associate 314 Agricultural Administration Building quijadalandaverde.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Raison, Brian Associate Professor and Extension Field Specialist, Community and Organizational Leadership raison.1@osu.edu
Ramsier, Rachel Graduate Student 119 Halterman Hall ramsier.7@osu.edu
Reed, Kelsey Graduate Student Gerlaugh Hall reed.1359@osu.edu
Rinehart, Kameron Graduate Research Associate 103 Agricultural Administration Building rinehart.228@osu.edu
(740) 505-2805
Rockers, Alyssa Graduate Research Associate 103B Agricultural Administration Building rockers.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Rodriguez, Mary Associate Professor 200E Agricultural Administration Building rodriguez.746@osu.edu
Rumble, Joy Assistant Professor Halterman Hall rumble.6@osu.edu
Scheer, Scott Professor, community and extension education specialization coordinator, community outreach education and youth development minor coordinator 200K Agricultural Administration scheer.9@osu.edu
Shoemaker, Haley Graduate Student OSU Extension Mahoning County shoemaker.306@osu.edu
Shum, Jeremiah Graduate Student shum.16@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Smilnak, David Ph.D. Student smilnak.3@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Smith, Gage Graduate Student 003 Agricultural Administration Building smith.10766@osu.edu
Smith, Keith Professor Emeritus 311 Agricultural Administration smith.150@osu.edu
Smith, Matt Graduate Student OSU Extension Madison County smith.11460@osu.edu
Specht, Annie Associate Professor and Agricultural Communication Program Coordinator 200L Agricultural Administration Building specht.21@osu.edu
Steiner, Zachary Graduate Teaching Associate 103 Agricultural Administration Building steiner.301@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Stewart, Thomas Lecturer 200V Agricultural Administration Building stewart.643@osu.edu
Stollar, Marlee Graduate Research Associate 103 Agricultural Administration Building stollar.15@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Stoneburner, Rachel Graduate Student OSU Extension Franklin County stoneburner.31@osu.edu
Stottlemyer, Katharine Graduate Student Arps Hall stottlemyer.20@osu.edu
Swinehart-Held, Katrina Ph.D. Student swinehartheld.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Sword, Amy Graduate Student sword.34@osu.edu
Tell, Regan Graduate Administrative Associate 311 Agricultural Administration Building tell.14@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Thomas, Donald Associate Professor Emeritus thomas.27@osu.edu
Thomas, Jerold Associate Professor 200Q Agricultural Administration Building thomas.69@osu.edu
Warmbrod, J. Robert Distinguished University Professor Emeritus warmbrod.1@osu.edu
Washburn, Shannon Professor and Chair 200P Agricultural Administration washburn.130@osu.edu
Whittington, M. Susie Professor and Director, Second-year Transformational Experience Program 374 Bricker Hall whittington.1@osu.edu
Wickham, Emily Communication and Undergraduate Program Manager 200D Agricultural Administration Building wickham.24@osu.edu
Williams, Whitney Graduate Student OSU Extension Crawford County williams.7526@osu.edu
Wolfe, Danae Graduate Student 200A Administration Building wolfe.540@osu.edu
Wu, Yu Lun Graduate Student 314 Agricultural Administration Building wu.3363@buckeyemail.osu.edu