The Fine Print

The Agricultural Communication Internship is designed to give you first-hand experience working in a professional communication setting. Internships may be arranged in publishing, broadcasting, public relations, editing, photojournalism, graphic design or related areas. Regardless of the field, students should be actively involved in the production of information and communication services in the organization in which their internship is arranged.

Internships should be selected with attention to achieving three goals:
1.   To gain first-hand professional experience working in a specific communication specialty;
2.   To improve professional communication skills, such as writing, reporting, layout and design, or broadcasting; and
3.   To develop a communications portfolio that will help you in your search for permanent employment in the field.

Internship Requirements
Internship opportunities may be identified by you or your academic adviser. However, all internships must be approved for credit by the course supervisor before you make a commitment to the internship provider. Internships completed without the prior approval of the course supervisor may not be granted academic credit.

To be approved, an internship opportunity must meet the following requirements:

  • The internship must be in a professional information or communication organization, in the information/communication department of a diversified organization, or involve a substantial information/communication project.
  • The internship must offer you the opportunity for direct experience with, and responsibility for, the production of information and communication services.
  • The internship supervisor must be a communication professional with professional experience in the type of information/communication services you will be producing.  Internship supervisors must be approved by the course supervisor.
  • The internship supervisor must be willing to work with the course supervisor before and during the quarter in which the internship is to take place.

Note about health insurance: If you are working in an internship position during a period of time when you are not actually enrolled at Ohio State, you will not have university health care insurance coverage. Therefore, it is important to be either covered by your family insurance policy or by the company or organization with which you are working.

Role of the Course Supervisor
Internships do not always go as planned. In the event that an issue or problem develops that affects the quality of your internship, please consult the course supervisor immediately. You should also contact the course supervisor several times during the quarter to report how your internship is progressing.

Internships are graded on an S/U basis. The final grade will be based upon your performance in the internship and the quality of the written materials you submit to the course supervisor. In addition, all materials and paperwork must be submitted by published deadlines. Failure to complete required assignments can result in an incomplete or failing grade. Please consult with the course supervisor if you have any questions.

Academic Misconduct
University rules regarding academic misconduct remain in force during internship assignments, and violations will not be tolerated. Indeed, university rules on academic misconduct reflect the most fundamental ethics in communication and information professions – that is, that information will be as complete, accurate, fair and original as it is possible for the communication professional to make it, and that full credit or attribution will be made for any information or insight that did not originate with the author.

Failure to meet these standards during your internship may result in your termination by your host, while suspected violations that occur either at your work site or in the academic portions of this course will be forwarded to the Committee on Academic Misconduct. Consult the course supervisor if you have questions about what activities constitute academic misconduct or the violation of professional standards of conduct.

Notice Regarding Harassment or Sexual Harassment on the Job
Interns occasionally find themselves subjected to various forms of harassment by colleagues in the work place at their internship site, including sexual harassment. While the individuals responsible for such behaviors may describe them as “friendly” or “all in good fun,” the behaviors are unprofessional and unacceptable at any time and under any circumstances.

In the event you find yourself being subjected to “practical jokes” by your colleagues, pressured to date or otherwise get involved with a colleague on a personal level, or find yourself in a work environment where sexually explicit comments, jokes or other inappropriate behaviors are commonplace or are making you uncomfortable, you are required to contact the course supervisor immediately. Such behaviors violate the university’s policy on sexual harassment.

If such circumstances arise, the course supervisor will decide what actions are appropriate after discussing the situation with you and will handle the situation thereafter.

Notice for Students with Special Needs
If you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, you should contact the course supervisor to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. At the appointment we can discuss the course format, anticipate your needs and explore potential accommodations. I rely on the Office for Disability Services for assistance in verifying the need for accommodations and developing accommodation strategies. If you have not previously contacted the Office for Disability Services, please do so.