Media Advisory: Ohio State students to celebrate National Teach Ag Day at Farm Science Review

Sep. 18, 2017

Ohio State’s agriscience education students will celebrate the annual National Teach Ag Day on September 21, 2017, an event that celebrates the profound impact agriculture teachers across the nation make in their schools and communities and also addresses the current demand for teachers by encouraging others to pursue a career in agricultural education.
Ohio State’s fourth-year agriscience education students will lead interactive demonstrations to Farm Science Review visitors, including high school students, at the Gwynne Conservation Area every half hour. A booth promoting the agricultural education profession will be located in the Bailey Building, where high school students can talk with current agriscience education majors about their decision to become agricultural educators and learn about the opportunities available at Ohio State.
Ohio State’s Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership has been cultivating agricultural educators for more than 100 years. The department was founded after the passage of the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 that federally funded vocational agriculture programs across the country to train the teachers for these programs. Since the beginning focus on agriculture teacher preparation, the department has expanded its mission to include Extension education, agricultural communication and community leadership.
WHAT: National Teach Ag Day celebrations at Farm Science Review

WHEN: Thursday, September 21, 2017, 10am-2:30pm *demonstrations begin on the hour and half-hour

WHERE: 55th Annual Farm Science Review, 135 SR 38 NE, London, Ohio 43140**
**Media should report to the Stan Ernst Media Building at the location listed above for directions to demonstration and booth locations on the Farm Science Review grounds.
Demonstration Topics:
Physical Properties of Things
Explore soil layers to learn about the living, and non-living properties the soil contains. We will also explore the effects the season and weather take on the soil during this workshop.
Identify the basic needs of living organisms. Design a habitat for a production livestock scenario.
Nonliving Things Move
Change in an Environment that has been effected by living and non-living things. Topics include soil, water movement, plants and animals.
Varying States of Matter: Blame it on the Rain
What is one of earth's greatest resources? Soil! We will be learning about the importance of soil in agricultural production and how we can conserve this valuable resource through a variety of practices.
Shaping Earth’s Surface
‘Dive’ into the effects of magnetic water in agriculture. This water has many benefits, but just how might it be affecting your day-to-day life in and outside of agriculture?
Earth’s Cycles and Patterns: A Wetland in Pain
Create your own “wetland in a pan”. Learn the value of wetlands, how they can protect water quality, provide aquatic and wildlife habitats, and serve an important role in a thriving ecosystem.
Properties of Matter
There is more below the surface of the earth than you know.  Come learn about the rocks and soils that make up the layers of the soil our plants grow in.
Interaction between Systems
Change in an Environment that has been effected by living and non-living things. Topics include soil, water movement, plants and animals.
Earth’s Changes
Want to become a mad scientist? Join us as we get hands on to modify genetic characteristics to create new and innovative GMO’s.