On-Line Masters Graduate Profile

June 23, 2014

The ACEL On-line Master's Program is entering its third year this fall. Here is a profile of one of our first program graduates, Myra Wilson, Director OSU Alber Enterprise Center.

In December 2011 Ohio State University Extension hired me as program director for Alber Enterprise Center on the Marion campus.  Becoming a Buckeye employee was thrilling for me, and I set a personal goal early on to achieve full-fledged Buckeye alum status by achieving my OSU master’s degree as quickly as possible.  However, I found unmanageable logistics for attending classes on Columbus campus.  Because I commuted from my home in Mount Vernon to my office in Marion – one hour one way –making my way to Columbus campus for classes – one hour one way from either Marion or Mount Vernon -- felt like the Bermuda Triangle, where souls could disappear without a trace!  When CFAES announced the new fully online master’s program that was starting in Autumn 2012, I was excited and initiated the enrollment process immediately.  I had experience with online master’s-level courses prior to joining OSU and knew I could handle those logistics quite well:  attending classes from home on my own time. 

The new program was well organized, and the instructors were eager to help students succeed.  The content was rich with opportunities to explore and discuss with both the instructor and other students.  My work schedule was so busy during the week that my only opportunities for course work were very early weekday mornings and all day on weekends and holidays.  All instructors were keen to the diverse schedules of the online students and were accommodating to assure that we could meet deadlines for discussions and course work.

My experience with the well-planned yet customizable course content honed my leadership skills and contributed to a deeper understanding of my role in the university and Extension.  My master’s project, The BRIDGE issue management process model: a systematic approach for Identifying, documenting, and Implementing multiFACETED solutions to complex issues, directly related to the services Alber Enterprise Center provides to our clients.  Guidance from Drs. Straquadine and Cochran with the project helped to fine-tune the future direction our center by utilizing The BRIDGE as the backbone of our services to impact Ohio employers, their employees, and the communities in which they are located.  The AEE online master’s program was a great experience, and I have been highly recommending the program to others within OSU who are challenged with the logistics of attending classes on Columbus campus. 


June 2014