Agricultural Communication faculty and staff attend NACS

March 8, 2022

Graduate students and faculty from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership attended the annual National Agricultural Communications Symposium (NACS). The symposium was held February 10-15, 2022 in New Orleans, LA as part of the annual Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS) Conference. 

Ohio State participation includes:

Research Paper
Covering the Crisis: How Three Agricultural Organizations Reached Out via Social Media – Julia Knaggs and Dr. Emily Buck

The Pumpkin Queen: Applying Sarah Frey’s Narrative to Women’s Experience in Agriculture – Alyssa Rockers and Dr. Joy Rumble

Young Mothers’ Trust of Celebrities and Influencers for Food Safety and Nutrition Information – Dr. Joy Rumble (with Linnea Langush, Taylor Ruth and Quisto Settle)

Research Posters
Comparing Industry and Consumers’ Preferred Learning Methods Regarding Conventional, Alternative, and Cultured Meats – Marlee E. Stollar, Dr. Joy Rumble, Dr. Emily Buck and Dr. Annie Specth (with Wuyang Hu and C. Lynn Knipe)

Trust in Triage: A Quantitative Survey Investigating Rural Residents’ Rrust In Science – Dr. Kristina Boone (with Lauri Baker, Audrey King, Cheng-xian Yang, and Ashley McLeod-Morin)

Executive Team
Past President - Dr. Annie Specht
Graduate Student Representative - Alyssa Rockers