ACEL Students Awarded Scholarships at Annual Banquet

May. 25, 2018

The Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) awarded more than $53,000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students at the annual banquet on April 2, 2018.

The following students received scholarships:

  • The Carl E. Pickering Memorial Scholarship, Wyatt Jones
  • Stephen Brock Memorial Scholarship, Jordan Boyer
  • Ruth and S.N. McIntosh Memorial Scholarship, Melanie Fuhrmann, Emma Johnson and Kaylynn Knauff
  • Roger W. LeValley, D.D.S. Agricultural Education Endowment, Caleb Hickman
  • Pat R. & M. Susie Whittington Undergraduate Teacher Education Scholarship, Cody McClain
  • Jo and Warren Weiler Scholarship Fund in Agricultural Education, Samantha Wander
  • James J. Kreglow Agricultural Education Fund, Micah Mensing
  • E. Ivor Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund, Elizabeth Landis
  • Clyde and Crystal Beougher Scholarship in Agricultural Education, Abigaile Motter
  • Birkenholz Leadership Award, Emily Paulsen
  • Alice Lucile Russel Scholarship Fund, Summer McLain
  • Albert B. Davis Agricultural Scholarship Fund, Dakota Sayre,
  • Agricultural Education Scholarship, Kristen Eisenhauer, Katie Fath, Maggie Hovermale, Alaina Kessler, Sarah Longo, Olivia Pflaumer, Milan Pozderac, Charlee Prushing, Dakota Sayre, Paige Schaffter, Sydney Stinson and Kayla Walls
  • John Hancock Klippart Memorial Fund for Agriculture, Mary Jenkins
  • Earl and Wilma McMunn Agricultural Communication Scholarship, Kaylee Reed, Lea Kimley, Sydney Snider, Hannah Martin, Jan Hulse, Paige Hamrick, Skylar Buell, Kamala Sweeney, Carley Copper, Kalyn Swihart, Madeline Bauer, Cole Wallis, Haley Plahuta, Danielle Leeper, Maria Stavridis, Lesley Shanahan, Hanna Fosbrink, Claudia Clemmons, Jessica Woodworth
  • Bill Zipf 4-H Memorial Scholarship, Meghann Winters
  • Ohio Agribusiness Association Ag Communication Scholarship, Meredith Oglesby
  • Lindsay Hill Memorial Scholarship, Courtney Fulton
  • Leo L. Rummell Endowed Scholarship Fund, Marlee Stollar
  • George R. Gist Graduate Scholarship Fund in Extension Education, Julie Aldridge, Fally Masambuka, Kelly Wilson and Kat Zelak
  • J. Robert and Catharine P. Warmbrod Graduate and Research Fund, Larry Overholt and Emily Isaacs
  • Agricultural Education Program Excellence Fund, Julie Aldridge and Jacqueline Nolting
  • Ralpha J. Woodin Graduate Scholarship Fund, Aaron Giorgi, Stephanie Jolliff and Melissa Bell

Undergraduate students in ACEL study agricultural communication, agriscience education or community leadership. These three bachelor of science degrees prepare students working with youth and adults of age to promote agriculture and positive change in communities.

Students in the agricultural and extension education graduate program may specialize in agricultural communication, agricultural education, community and extension education, international development or leadership. The agricultural and extension education graduate program offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science, Master of Education, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees. The Doctor of Philosophy degree prepares students for careers as administrators, specialists, university faculty, and researchers.

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