ACEL students attend AFA conference

Feb. 10, 2023

Twelve students from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership attended the annual Agriculture Feature of America (AFA) Leaders Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. 

During the conference, students were able to work on professional skills, make connections with agriculture students from around the country and hear from professionals in the agriculture industry. 

ACEL students that attended the conference include: Hannah Watkins, Emily Schmitz, Emma Homan, Lauren Thornhill, Sarah Hoog, Kylie Ramirez, Skyelar Rock, Zoe Parrott, Bella Gray, Bryce Bennett, Jake Gallant and Kalleigh Fry. 

“AFA was a great experience to learn about what other students are doing from across the United States, while also speaking to industry leaders about a future with their company,” said Kylie Ramirez, a junior studying agricultural communication. 

Attendees participate in one of four tracks based on their rank. The four different tracks of students all cultivate six competency areas of professional success: relationship development, collaboration, career management, cultural EQ, interpersonal IQ and systems thinking. 

Hannah Watkins, a sophomore studying agricultural communication, served as Ohio State's campus ambassador on the AFA student development team.

“The experience of being an ambassador is like no other,” said Watkins. “I was part of a team that consists of undergraduate students all across the country, and we all shares a love and passion for people and agriculture.”