1. 2024 ACEL Outstanding Graduate Students

    May 25, 2024

    4 ACEL graduate students were recognized at our department annual banquet and student showcase. 

    Erica Summerfield, Outstanding Graduate Student - Research Award

  2. Spring Semester Commencement

    May 24, 2024

    Congratulations to all ACEL students who have or are soon to graduate! 

    2024 A.S. Graduates

  3. ACEL banquet overview

    May 23, 2024

    At our annual banquet and student showcase, we recognized award winners, graduating students, and other members of our department for their tremendous contributions to it’s success. 

  4. Students present case studies in agricultural issues course

    May 17, 2024

    In Dr. Cara Lawson's AGRCOMM 2330 class (Public Perceptions of Agricultural and Environmental Issues), students presented case studies about issues in agriculture, science, and natural resources. This course was taught during Spring Semester 2024, and students worked on their research projects throughout the semester.

  5. Volk receives first place award at CFAES Graduate Research Forum

    May 1, 2024

    Nicole Volk, a master's studenting studying agricultural communication, education, and leadership received the first place award in the Masters catergory at the CFAES Research Forum Poster Competition. 

    Volk presented her posters on April 9 at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center in Columbus, Ohio.

    Volk was recognized for her work sharing her ag literacy research on last year's virtual field trip series.

  6. Eleven graduate students defend projects, research

    Apr 30, 2024

    The Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership had 10 graduate students successfully defend their project, thesis or dissertations during the 2024 Spring Semester. 

    Students completing a master's project:

  7. Schuerman receives award at CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum

    Apr 29, 2024

    Congratulations to undergraduate student Sheriden Schuerman for her award at the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum Poster Competition!

    Schuerman was recognized for her work in Exploration of Perceptions Related to Farmers’ Roles in Climate Change Issues. Sheridan majors in sustainable plant systems, with a minor in agricultural communication. She was mentored by Dr. Cara Lawson, assistant professor of agricultural communication.

  8. Two female students stand in front of a banner.

    Two ACEL graduate students serve on University Council of Graduate Students

    Apr 24, 2024

    ACEL graduate students Diane Mashburn and and Priyadarsini Das both serve on the Unviersity's Council of Graduate Students (CGS).

    CGS is the official branch of student government that represents every graduate student at the Columbus and satellite campuses.

    Das serves as the ACEL delegate, while Mashburn is an at-large senator.

    Both Das and Mashburn are PhD students studying agricultural communication, education, and leadership.

  9. ACEL students, faculty participate in AZP experience in DC

    Apr 23, 2024

    ACEL students Kendall Moore and Kylie Ramirez and ACEL faculty member Dr. Jera Niewoehner-Green visited Washington, DC, with Alpha Zeta Partners (AZP) as part of an emersive experience focused on domestic policy and offered hands on learning.

    AZP is the CFAES leadership honorary that focuses on self leadership and development by offering international experiences as well as exploring interconnections between food, agriculture, and the environment. 

    While in DC, AZP members had the opportunity to connect with several ACEL alumni who have careers in DC.

  10. Summerfield awarded graduate associate teaching award by OSU graduate school

    Apr 22, 2024

    Erica Summerfield has been awarded a Graduate Associate Teaching Award (GATA) by the Ohio State Graduate School. Summerfield is a PhD candidate studying agricultural communication, education, and leadership.