Research Methods Minor

The Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership offers research methods and data analysis courses to provide students with the knowledge and skills to conduct systematic inquiry and effectively interpret research results.  The courses have broad applications across many disciplines concerned with high quality systematic inquiry.  They provide a solid foundation in basic principles and use examples that illustrate practical application of the principles.  Students from over 90 OSU academic departments and graduate program areas have enrolled in the courses over the past several years.

The graduate research series of course offerings include seven courses.  The Ohio State University Course Bulletin provides brief descriptions of the courses.  Syllabi and additional information are available from the course instructors.  For additional information, please contact Dr. Scott Scheer, Graduate Studies Chair by phone at (614-292-6758) or email at  Courses required (total of 13 semester credit hours) for the graduate minor in:

Research Methods in Human Resource Development

AEE 8850 – Research Methods (2) *

AEE 8860 – Research Design (2)

AEE 8870 – Analysis and Interpretation of Data (2) *

AEE 8875 – Data Analysis and Interpretation Lab (1) *

AEE 8880 – Instrumentation and Procedures for Data Collection (2)

AEE 8890 – Applied Regression Analysis (2)

AEE 8895 – Applied Data Reduction Techniques; Factor and Cluster Analysis Techniques (2)

* denotes course is offered online some semesters.