Master's Projects


Brett Baughman
advised by Emily Buck
Leadership Skills and Experiential Learning Curriculum

Anna Downing
advised by Emily Buck
Putnam County Real Money Real World 2.0.

Kristen Eisenhauer
advised by Jeff King
Nature SPIN Club for Urban Youth

Melanie Fuhrmann
advised by Theresa Ferrari
Introducing Youth Relationship Education into the Ohio 4-H Youth Development Experience Through the Creation of the Relationships 101 4-H Project Book

Alexis Howell
advised by Amanda Bowling
From Student to Teacher: Agricultural Experience Tracker Workshops for Early Career Field Teachers

Forrest Lang
advised by Amanda Bowling
Development of a 4-H Project Book on Lawnmowers

Charity Martin-King
advised by Jera Niewoehner-Green
Black Girls. Resilience, Positionality, and Enthusiasm

Haley Palmer
advised by Jeff King
Quality Cuts! Meat Science: A 4-H Project Book Curriculum


Liz Avers
advised by Brian Raison
Retention of First Year 4-H Members: A Case Study

Heather Bangerter
advised by Scott Scheer
Agricultural Education STEM Lessons

Justin Bower
advised by Jeff King
Tracking Your Physical Health & Fitness: A 4-H Project Book

Kacey Burns
advised by Kirk Bloir
College and Career Readiness: Today’s Youth and 4-H

Autumn Converse
advised by Brian Raison
Assistance Animals in Action: A 4-H Project Book Curriculum

Jennifer Eggleton
advised by Brian Raison
Making Nutrition a Priority in School: An overview of School Curriculum Project Proposal

Lydia Flores
advised by Annie Specht
Ohio 4-H Volunteer Recruitment and Retention in Area 19

Kacie Funk
advised by Caryn Filson
Obesity Prevention in Fairfield County, Ohio: Developing a Youth Health Awareness Leadership Curriculum

Aaron Fowler
advised by Caryn Filson
Growing Young Agriculture Producers: Assessing the Need for a 4-H Farm Stand Program in Greene County

Erika Kraus
advised by Jera Niewoehner-Green
Addressing Gender Inequality in Morocco through Partnership with a Women’s Cooperative

Rachel Stoneburner
advised by Jeff King
Transitioning 4-H Community Club Experiences through Targeted Volunteer Training

Katherine Stottlemyer
advised by Jeff King
Supervisor Training Resource Guide for Orienting Student Workers


Treg Brown
advised by Joy Rumble
Development of Mental Health facts sheets for Farming & Veterinary Medicine Communities

Andrew Holden
advised by Joy Rumble
Creating an Educational Video Resource

Amy Sword
advised by Jeff King
STEM Curriculum Best Practices in Selected Middle Schools


Brianne Buzard
advised by Jerry Thomas
Introducing a Gardening Program at Allen County Juvenile Detention Center

Stephanie Collins
advised by Jerry Thomas
Historical Analysis: The Introduction of Radio to Rural America

Wyatt Feldner
advised by Caryn Filson
Educational Program Planning Guidelines for Agricultural and Natural Resource Extension Educators

Andrew Hudak
advised by Joy Rumble
Camp Whitewood: Capital Campaign and Fundraising Template

Amanda Rysz
advised by Scott Scheer
Training New Extension Staff: An Orientation Model Combining Adult Learning Theory and Organizational Socialization

Abigail Sanders
advised by Annie Specht
Branding in Higher Education: Arkansas Tech University Department of Agriculture

Samantha Schott
advised by Jeff King
Ohio 4-H Teen Exit Survey

Catelyn Turner
advised by Jerry Thomas
Artificial Insemination Training Manual for Extension Professionals


Dara Barclay
advised by Emily Buck
Corn Agronomy Curriculum

Joy Bauman
advised by Jerry Thomas
Youth Cooperative Leadership Experience

Callie Eberhart
advised by Jera Niewoehner-Green
Ohio 4-H Extension Educator and Program Assistant Perceptions of Youth with Disabilities

Jessica Lowe
advised by Scott Scheer
Implementing Farm to School in Pickaway County Head Start Centers

Kaitlyn Varney (Chupp)
advised by Robert Agunga
Ohio SNAP-Ed Youth Facilitation Curriculum


Shana Angel
advised by Susie Whittington
Describing an agricultural-based mission camp


Anna Adams
advised by Jerry Thomas
Making the Switch to Healthier Concessions: A New Approach to Selecting Healthier Foods at Sporting Events

Kyle Beachy
advised by Bob Birkenholz
Essential technologies for organizational leadership: A one-day workshop with comprehensive technology guide

Kristen Campbell
advised by Jerry Thomas
Educational and Environmental Impacts of School-based Extension Garden Programs on Public Schools in Appalachia, Ohio

Carol Hamilton
advised by
Understanding Food Labels

Courtney Michael
advised by Jeff King
Developing Youth Leaders through Emotional Intelligence

Amanda Raines
advised by Scott Scheer
Inventory of Innovative Programming in Ohio 4-H

Suzanna Saggese
advised by Jerry Thomas
Local Foods, Lucas County: Farm to School Toolkit

Jaclyn Smith
advised by Scott Scheer
Lambing Simulator Curriculum

Tiana Stonerock
advised by Susie Whittington
An Agribusiness Curriculum for Teaching STEM in Ohio Schools

Nick Zachrich
advised by Susie Whittington
First Step Program at Farm Science Review: Describing Secondary Agricultural Education Programming at Farm Science Review


Rebecca Guinther
advised by Jeff King
SNAP Teen Curriculum

Tekle Tekle
advised by Mary Rodriguez
Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens Volunteers Program Handbook