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A Master’s degree prepares a person with additional knowledge and necessary skills in the field in order to teach, become a practitioner, or conduct research. Students pursuing a Master's degree are expected to develop an individualized project or thesis in cooperation with their adviser and advisory committee.  ACEL offers three Master's Degrees: the M.S. Online (thesis or non-thesis option), the M.S In-person (thesis or non-thesis option), and the M.Ed. degrees. Coursework is comprised of a combination of core foundation courses, specialization requirements, electives, a cognate area outside Agricultural and Extension Education, and a Master's project or thesis.

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Ph.D. Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program includes potential specializations in Agricultural Communication, Agricultural Education, Community and Extension Education, Leadership, and International Development. Students interested in this program should have completed 80 credit hours beyond their bachelor's degree with up to 30 credit hours counted from their master's degree. Ph.D. students will complete core courses in theory and research as well as departmental electives and outside cognate courses of their choosing. This allows for a significant degree of individualization and flexibility while maintaining a solid research and theoretical foundation. Former ACEL students have completed doctoral dissertations on various topics in these fields. As a potential future student in ACEL, access to these dissertations can be found on the button below.

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