Agricultural Communication Scholarships

Declared agricultural communication majors in the department who submit the CFAES scholarship application by February 15 will be eligible for the following scholarships.

Applications will be reviewed by the faculty in the department. Selected scholarship recipients will be invited to recieve their scholarship award at the annual banquet for the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership in April.

John Hancock Klippart Memorial Fund for Agriculture
Income supports students in agricultural communication.

Earl and Wilma McMunn Agricultural Communication Scholarship
Income provides scholarship support for students studying agricultural communication in the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership.

Ohio Agribusiness Association Ag Communication Scholarship
Supports sophomore, junior, or senior students in agricultural communication.

Leo L. Rummell Endowed Scholarship Fund
Income provides a scholarship for a student in the college who has a major in agricultural communication and has completed an internship in ag communication.

Bill Zipf 4-H Memorial Scholarship
Income provides an undergraduate scholarship for a sophomore, junior, or senior majoring in agricultural communication in the college. Recipients must be members or former members of 4-H.