Agricultural Communication
Imagine a career in which you work in the context of our nation's largest industry. You articulate critical ideas and messages that increase knowledge and perhaps influence perceptions. Such are the careers of agricultural journalists, broadcasters, communications directors, public relations managers, graphic and web designers, media coordinators, and advertising associates.

If you like to persuade, design, and write, the Agricultural Communication program can provide you with a solid foundation in communication skills that will prepare you to work with a variety of media.

Agriscience Education
This major will prepare you to acquire a license to teach agricultural science in secondary high schools in Ohio or across the country. Recent graduates in this major are also employed in business, industry and government positions requiring social intervention and initiatives. If these careers are of interest to you, our program will prepare you through a rigorous series of courses in technical agriculture, education psychology, instructional methods, and youth development.

Students will student teach for a 14-week time frame in an Ohio high school agricultural science program. Graduates are prepared for the Praxis II - Principals of Learning and Teaching exam, which is a requirement for a professional teaching license in Ohio.

Community Leadership
The Community Leadership major is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills needed to exert a leadership influence in a future context. This major has two areas of specialization - Community & Extension Education and Leadership.

Community & Extension Education specialization - The Community & Extension Education specialization prepares community Extension Educators, practitioners, and leaders to promote positive change through learning partnerships that strengthen individuals, families and communities.

Leadership specialization - The Leadership specialization prepares graduates with the capacity to influence positive change, and prepares students for leadership positions in the broad field of agriculture and natural resources.