ACEL Graduate Associateships

The Agricultural and Extension Education graduate program encourages potential graduate students from various social, economic, and educational backgrounds to seek admission to the Graduate School and to seek employment as graduate associates (GA). Applications for associateships should be completed at the time of application to the Graduate School. Graduate students seeking employment as graduate associates in the AEE graduate program shall not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, handicap, or Vietnam-era veteran status.

Normally, GA appointments may be made for 9 or 12 months, as funding permits and the needs of the department and students can be anticipated.

Stipends offered to GAs shall be consistent with policies adopted by the Graduate School, the AEE graduate program, and the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership. 

GA duties are determined, in general, by the nature of the specific position. Normally, a GA, on a 50% FTE appointment, entails service for 20 hours per week.  Specific duties shall be detailed in writing to the graduate student by the supervisor. A GA may not accept other gainful employment during his or her tenure without the permission of their GA supervisor.

Additional detail on GA appointments in the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership can be found in the departmental Graduate Program Handbook.