How many hours do I need per credit hour?
You need 66 hours of contact hours with your internship per credit hour. So for 2 credits you need 132 hours and for a 3 credit hour internship you need 198 hours.

Do I have to take the credit the semester I do the internship?
No, you do not, but you do have to fill out the forms and do the course assignments while completing the internship. You can not get credit for an internship if you do not notify us before the internship starts. Credit can be delayed one semester.

What if my internship is only a week. Do I still need to blog?
No, if your internship is a short term position of less than 3 weeks long you can opt to write a 4-page paper discussing what you did during your internship, what you enjoyed, what you disliked, and what you learned. You will turn that in during your exit interview. The internship coordinator must approve this option prior to the start of your internship.

What counts as an agricultural communication internship? The general guideline is you must have some form of communication professional as your supervisor and mentor during the internship. The internship must be communication related (ie. sales, marketing, photography, design, writing, public relations, Extension, radio). All internship opportunities should be shared with the internship coordinator prior to the start.

I’m majoring in …. can I double count my internship?
It depends. If the internship still meets the qualifications above you can propose this to the internship coordinator to allow it to double count. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis depending on the work being done.

A blog? Where do I do that? You can use blog platforms such as blogger, wordpress, or the University's u.osu.edu. Blogs may be kept private, but you need to add the internship coordinataor to the reader list.