Agricultural Communication Internships

All students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences are required to complete an internship and students in the agricultural communication major are required to complete two communication specific internships for 5 credit hours (one for 2 credit hours and one for 3 credit hours). 

We want you to get the most out of your experience and have many resources for you to find the internship that best fits your interests and talents. Students can look at the ACEL Weekly Update for new internship opportunities, as well as the many resources listed below. If you don't see what you're looking for, talk to your academic advisor or the student services coordinator for ACEL.

A small sample of where our students have intern in the past 2-3 years, include:

Before Your Internship

Internship Agreement: All students are required to complete and sign an internship agreement between the student completing the internship and the supervisor. This agreement can be submitted in person to Emily Wickham in 203 Ag Admin (or mailbox in 209 Ag Admin) or by email to All internships must be approved for credit by the course supervisor before you make a commitment to the internship provider. Internships completed without the prior approval of the course supervisor may not be granted academic credit.

Professionalism Contract: This contract ensures you understand the level of professionalism you are expected to show as an intern and representative of the agricultural communication major, the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership, and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. This agreement can be submitted in person to Emily Wickham in 203 Ag Admin (or mailbox in 209 Ag Admin) or by email to

Report your Internship to the CFAES Career Development Office: These answers help the CFAES Career Development Office provide prospective and current students with information about job outcomes. Your name will not be attached to your outcome when shared in reports. CFAES is also required to report any out-of-state internships to the University. This information also contributes to that report.

During Your Internship

Blog: Students are expected to record their internship experiences in a blog each week. Blog posts will be checked each week for updated entries. Posts should include summaries of projects and assignments for that week, likes and dislikes of the internship, new skills you have learned, connections to courses, etc. Blogs can be created on platforms such as Blogspot, Wordpress or free of charge. Please email the link to your blog to Emily Wickham at If you wish for your blog to remain private, please add Emily’s email address to those able to view the page.

Hour Log: Students should keep a record of how many hours they work each day. This should be turned in at the end of the internship. Do not wait until the end of the internship to complete the log!

Portfolio: Samples of your work should be kept throughout the internship. This may include copies of completed print pieces, newspaper articles published online or in print, photos from an event, video clips, scouting reports, news releases, etc. Each internship will be unique, therefore there is not a standard form portfolio. This can be an online or print portfolio. Students will be asked to share pieces at their internship review.

After Your Internship

Supervisor Evaluation: At the end of your internships, supervisors will be asked to complete an evaluation of your performance, professionalism and skill. This evaluation will be sent directly to your supervisor by the internship coordinator.

Internship Review: Each student will be required to complete an internship review with an internship coordinator. This will be a professional meeting to discuss the internship - projects, assignments, likes, dislikes, etc. During this meeting, students should also bring their portfolio of work completed during the internship.

Internship Forms

Internship Agreement Form

Professionalism Agreement Form

Hour Log


Complete list of agricultural communication 4191 internship requirements.