Honors and Research


The University Honors Program offers highly motivated students an enriched academic experience through the integration of curricular and co-curricular programs. Affiliation in the Honors Program is open to students in any major. Specifically, the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership offers the Honors Program for students earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture in the areas of study of: agricultural communication, agriscience education, and community leadership. 

Through the completion of the Honors Program students will:

  • Create a unique curriculum to explore their interests.
  • Challenge their academic abilities by engaging in honors or advanced course work.
  • Develop workplace readiness skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and communication. 
  • Work closely with a faculty advisor to develop their individual curriculum and project plan.
  • Complete an independent Honors project.
  • Have priority scheduling.
  • Graduate with honors research distinction within their major of study.

Undergraduate Research

Participating in research allows you to expand your knowledge and interest outside of your classroom experience. By taking advantage of The Ohio State University’s vast research opportunities, you can contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and work with faculty and research staff that are nationally recognized in their field.  

Through the completion of the undergraduate research students will:

  • Explore their academic interests.
  • Develop workplace readiness skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. 
  • Enhance their ability to communicate scientific concepts and discoveries.
  • Work closely with a research advisor to develop their research project.

To learn more about Honors or undergraduate research please view the ACEL Honors and Undergraduate Research Handbook

You can also visit the CFAES Honors website or the CFAES Undergraduate Research website.

  male student with research poster  female student with research poster