Agriscience Education

Methods of Teaching Agriscience II

ASE 5220 is a methods of teaching course. In ASE 5220 students will further explore the teaching and learning process with an emphasis on planning and delivering agriscience instruction in public schools. Students will demonstrate competence in agricultural literacy and science-based agriculture instruction through the use of a variety of teaching methods. Prereq: 5210, and Sr Standing.

Youth Development and Experiential Learning within Agriscience Education

This course provides pre-service agricultural education candidates philosophies and mechanisms for youth engagement within a comprehensive agricultural education program. Through the exploration of Positive Youth Development and Experiential Learning Theory, pre-service candidates will explore youth engagement through individual program components and intracurricular experiences. Prereq: 4220, and Jr standing.

Planned Field Experience

Agriscience education M.Ed. students will be immersed in planned field experience, documenting hours toward initial teacher licensure. ASE 5189 will provide students the opportunity to further understand and develop best practices in teaching and learning centered around youth development and experiential learning within agriscience education. Prereq: Admission to the M.Ed. program. Repeatable to a maximum of 2 cr hrs or 2 completions.


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