Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership


  • Tracy Kitchel, Ph.D. will join CFAES as the Chair of the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership. Subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, Dr. Kitchel’s appointment is effective Aug. 1, 2016. 

  • At the annual ACEL Recognition Banquet on April 11, 2016, scholarships were awarded to graduate and

  • Five seniors from the Department of Agricutlrual Communication, Education, and Leadership were recognized at the annual CFAES Recognition Program on Thursday, April 8, 2016.


Honduras Study Abroad 2016: Project Work Days
Agricultural Communication Internship Experience - Ellen Gilliland with RFD-TV

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RT : Carla Jagger, our 2nd # CFAES graduate student honoree!
RT : Kaitlyn Murray is our third #CFAES NACTA graduate student honoree!
RT : #CFAES graduate student WT Agner wins a #NACTA graduate student teaching award!

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